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The most accessible from of transportation in kinnaur is roadways. Kinnaur is famous for it's rough terrain and for it's very exciting mountain roads running along the river Sutlej.
Tourists can start their road journey from either Delhi, Chandigarh or Shimla depending on their travel plan, or they can fly from Chandigarh to Shimla, and continue their journey towards Kinnaur via roadways.

There are a number of public transportation buses accessible from ISBT Shimla and Rampur bus stand.
The minimum bus fare from Chandigarh to Reckongpeo is Rs 630, Shimla to Reckong Peo is Rs 430 and from Rampur to Reckongpeo is Rs 190.

It should be noted that there are hardly a few buses which travel directly to Kalpa. Almost all the major bus routes deboard at Reckong Peo. From there, tourists can use local buses or hire taxis to Kalpa. Buses will charge you Rs. 15, while the taxis can cost you around RS 500. Kalpa is 8 km away from Reckong Peo.

Once you reach Kalpa/chini* bazaar, the main market of Kalpa, you can take a walk to our hotel, which is about 700M away. It should not take you more that 10-15 minutes. But it's always better to take a direct taxi to the hotel for your own comfort.

*Chini- fun fact : The original name of Kalpa was Chini. It was renamed to Kalpa a long time ago. You might meet some people who still address Kalpa as Chini.