Hotel Rollingrang Kalpa
We are glad to see you here. We hope you find a comfortable stay with us.

Away from chaos, and close to calm, our hotel is run collectively by our family. We are the natives of village Kalpa, and have our roots connected to this place and it's culture from the very beginning.

Built and inaugurated in the year 2007, we are proud to say that Hotel Rollingrang carries an experience of more than a decade. We are, and we will always be grateful to the people who give us a chance to serve them.


We bet you are pronouncing it incorrectly. Don't worry, we've simplified it for you.
It's Ro-ling-rung (Rollingrang)


Often mispronounced and misinterpreted as Rollingrange, the word Rollingrang has a 200 year old history attached to it. Earlier, the residents of village chini(the former name of Kalpa) used to stay in close proximity to the main temple. Our ancestors were the first ones to move to a high altitude area. In a way, we were the first inhabitants of the upper Kalpa which has now sprung up, and is home to several others. Therefore, our property was named as Rollingrang by the villagers.
Rollingrang is a kinnauri word, meaning "they who have settled at a high altitude area".

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